Fashion Photographer


Saba Saxena is a global citizen who has lived and worked in South Africa, Japan, Singapore, Philippines and India.

She learnt formal photography in Cape Town and has since been engaged as a fashion photographer. She has shot over 100 models, some of who have appeared in advertisements for large MNCs like Pepsi, Coke, Nestle etc. She has a knack of finding the optimum angle that accentuates the best of her models. She is also appreciated for her calm and friendly shoots that make both cranky kids and nervous adults very comfortable.
She has been associated with MMM, a boutique modelling agency in South Africa.

Saba is married to a senior pharmaceutical executive and has twin daughters, Diza and Saania Saxena. The family has recently relocated from Cape Town to Mumbai.



Photography is my passion… capturing the moment and freezing it for life… make us wonder what reality is. A good photo can actually be more surreal than reality, bring out the best hidden in the reality. If truth is beauty, and beauty truth, this is my karma.

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